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Edisun Heliostats
Edisun Heliostats is completely rethinking Concentrated Solar Power from the ground up — leading to lower costs, reduced maintenance, better scalability, and time-shifted production. The team has spent the last decade understanding, designing, developing, and building technology for several of the most relevant solar companies on the market. With this experience comes the understanding of what is being done right and what is being done wrong. By starting with a clean design, Edisun is revolutionizing the way solar is brought to market.
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Solar Rising
Edisun Heliostats has been accepted to the 2015 cohort of the Energy Excelerator, an accelerator for energy startups that helps seed- and growth-stage startups navigate Hawaii and the Asia Pacific. More >
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Edisun Heliostats is moving closer to bringing its solar battery demonstration project to the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority.
December 11, 2015  | 
Energy Excelerator, an accelerator program for cleantech startups based in Hawaii, has picked its 2015 class of 17 companies. Edisun Heliostats is one of them.
September 16, 2014  |  TechCrunch
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