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Evolution Robotics
Idealab founded Evolution Robotics in 2001 as a robotics platform company based on Bill Gross' vision to usher in the era of personal robotics. In 2010, the company introduced the Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner which quickly became one of the best-selling household robotic products on the market. In 2012, the company was acquired by iRobot for $74 million.
Evolution Robotics
2012 (iRobot)
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Mint at CES 2011 with Kurt the Cyberguy
Kurt the Cyberguy gives a wrap up of the latest new technologies, including the Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner, at CES 2011. Watch video >
Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner kicks off FashionWare at CES 2011 by dancing down the runway to Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas. Watch video >
Mint Awarded Very Innovative Product
Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner received Good Housekeeping's Very Innovative Product (VIP) Award recognizing the year's most innovative products. Rosemary Ellis, the magazine's editor-in-chief, shared the products with ABC's Good Morning America. Watch video >
Mint Selected for Ellen DeGeneres Show Bonus Day
Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner is selected to be a part of The Ellen DeGeneres Show's "Bonus Day" in her 12 Days of Giveaways. Each audience member received a Mint to take home along with other goodies. Watch video >
Watch Mint use GPS-like smarts to automatically clean your floor
Mint floor cleaner is an intelligent floor cleaning appliance designed exclusively for hard surface floors. Mint automatically dusts and mops hard surface floors with the push of a button. Watch video >
Gadgets for Getting the Job Done
Author Steve Greenberg shows off innovative new products, including the Evolution Robotics Mint, that can help make household tasks easier. Watch video >
Mint debuts at CES 2010
Evolution Robotics introduces Mint™ at the Consumer Electronics Show 2010 in Las Vegas. View photos >
Evolution Robotics Launches the Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner
The Mint™ is an innovative, automatic floor cleaning appliance that takes floor care to the next level and also ushers in a new generation of robotic products for everyday life. Watch video >
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Mint and Mint Plus will be folded into the company's stable of Roomba cleaners
September 18, 2012  |  Engadget
Evolution Robotics manufactures the Mint cleaning robot.
September 17, 2012  |
Expands Position as Global Robotic Floor Care Market-Leader
September 17, 2012  |  Evolution Robotics
The Mint cleaner will join iRobot’s Roomba line.
September 17, 2012  |  TechCrunch
Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner is on the cleaning list
July 24, 2012  |  Evolution Robotics
For those who hate household chores, robots come to the rescue.
May 2, 2012  |  Fox Business
The next generation of robotic floor care unit has arrived: the Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner.
April 18, 2012  |  Evolution Robotics
An interview with Paolo Pirjanian, CEO of Evolution Robotics and Alex Knapp of Forbes
April 16, 2012  |
Mint Cleaner will help with spring cleaning
April 9, 2012  |  Evolution Robotics
Mint Plus makes the list
March 12, 2012  |  Evolution Robotics
Woman's World is giving away a Mint.
February 15, 2012  |  Evolution Robotics
Enter Today!
January 19, 2012  | 
The newest offering from Evolution Robotics, the Mint Plus,
January 5, 2012  |  Evolution Robotics
Mint Cleaner- Ellen's Bonus Day!
January 3, 2012  |  Evolution Robotics
The Mint Cleaner is designed exclusively for hard surface floors.
January 2, 2012  |  Evolution Robotics
Evolution Robotics just announced improved version of Mint robotic cleaner
December 20, 2011  |  Evolution Robotics
A product that makes my life easier.
December 17, 2011  |  Evolution Robotics
December 2, 2011  |  Evolution Robotics
The Luxe List Reviews shows what to get for the tecno-file in you family and Mint Cleaner is on the list.
December 2, 2011  | 
Revolutionized cleaning is a natural step.
December 1, 2011  | 
Let the Floor Cleaning Robot from Mint Handle Dirty Hard Surface Floors
November 29, 2011  | 
November 4, 2011  |  Wired
Home Tech: Man’s New Best Friend- Mint Plus
October 27, 2011  |  ThisOldHouse
Dr. Drew's Life Changers
October 24, 2011  |  DrDrew
The Mint, another self-navigating cleaner robot, is best if your living space is dominated by hard floors rather than carpets and rugs.
August 19, 2011  |  Evolution Robotics
The Mom Buzz reviews the Mint.
June 2, 2011  |  Evolution Robotics
Tech expert Katie Linendoll showed off great tech gifts mom is sure to love including the Mint.
May 19, 2011  |  CBSNews
Mint is one of the top picks from a list of over 30 gifts featured in the 2011 Mother’s Day Gift Guide.
May 5, 2011  |  PapiBlogger
Mint is on the Doctor Oz Show.
May 4, 2011  |  DoctorOz
This robotic cleaner promises to clean your floors, but can it really get the job done?
April 27, 2011  |  My Fox8
A happily married couple both suspect that the other is making them sick. Her complaints are snoring and dirty floors. Mint gives them a solution.
April 27, 2011  |  The Doctors
Arm yourself with a little bit of power and spruce up in a snap
April 9, 2011  |  The Wall Street Journal
March 29, 2011  |  VentureBeat
At the International Home and Housewares Show, Evolution Robotics Mint Automatic Floor cleaner puts five robotic floor cleaners through the moves, dancing hard and strong to “Boom Boom Pow” by the Black Eyed Peas.
March 9, 2011  |  New York Times
Mint automatic floor cleaner in the round up review at the Home and Housewares Show.
March 7, 2011  |  NBC Chicago
Let the robots do the swiffering for you.
March 6, 2011  |  I4U News
Following exciting sellout in 2010, Mint adds Good Housekeeping VIP Award and CES Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Award to list of accolades.
January 6, 2011  |  Evolution Robotics
Mint Cleaner is on Good Housekeeping's list as the most useful innovative 2011 products.
January 4, 2011  |  ABC News GMA
Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner has received an International CES Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Award in the Portable Home Appliances category.
January 4, 2011  |  Evolution Robotics
Evolution Robotics Mint is number one.
December 7, 2010  |  Evolution Robotics
Gadgetwise-Getting Smart about personal technology
November 15, 2010  |  New York Times
A list of some splurges and skimps from AOL shopping.
November 2, 2010  |  Evolution Robotics
Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner is now available at all Bed Bath & Beyond stores nationwide and online.
October 26, 2010  |  Evolution Robotics
Answer "What chore would you most want to outsource to a robot?" in the comments area to win a Mint Cleaner.
September 27, 2010  |  Shelterpop
Units now in the hands of pre-order customers and retailers including and Home Shopping Network
September 16, 2010  |  Evolution Robotics
Yves Behar is interviewed by Forbes on his next big project - Mint by Evolution Robotics.
June 14, 2010  |
Tech Guru Cat Schwartz encourages you to think outside the box with gadgets perfect for helping and soothing Mom.
April 28, 2010  |  Today Show
Due to strong consumer interest, Mint Pre-Orders now being accepted
April 20, 2010  |  Evolution Robotics
Evolution Robotics' Mint floor cleaner, $250
April 7, 2010  |  Evolution Robotics

The top item seen at the show was Mint.

March 23, 2010  |  Evolution Robotics


March 11, 2010  |  Evolution Robotics

Author Steve Greenberg shows off innovative new products, including Evolution Robotics' Mint, that can help make household tasks easier.

January 28, 2010  |  Today Show

A roundup of favorites from CES with one being the Mint, a robotic cleaner that uses wet or dry cleaning cloths to clean your hard surface floors.

January 26, 2010  |  Huffington Post

A robotic floor mop called Mint which was released at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month.

January 26, 2010  |  techlicious

Popular Mechanics; Editors select Mint from the thousands of new products introduced at CES

January 11, 2010  |  Evolution Robotics

Mint automatic hard surface floor cleaner cleans like you do, without you.

January 7, 2010  |  Evolution Robotics

Evolution Robotics is introducing an automatic floor cleaner for hard surfaces that can get those tricky spots like corners, edges, and places under furniture.

January 7, 2010  |  CNET

Evolution Robotics new automatic floor cleaner uses "indoor GPS" to do its work.

January 7, 2010  |  PC Magazine

Evolution Robotics' Mint Wins Popular Mechanics' Editor's Choice Award at CES 2010

January 7, 2010  |  Popular Mechanics

The next generation of camera phones, already big in Japan, comes equipped with a visual search engine that could transform e-commerce.

May 28, 2008  |  Christian Science Monitor

Say "robotics" to the average person and certain, expected images leap to their minds: C3PO, R2-D2, Robby the Robot. However, as day one of the fourth annual Robo Business conference illustrates, "robotics" is no single thing.

May 16, 2007  |  PC Magazine
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