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Lifescape Solutions introduced Picasa, a digital photo organizer for the PC that was widely reviewed as the best product on that platform. The company later added the Hello service, which enabled real-time sharing of photos along with the ability to chat with other users at the same time. The company was acquired by Google in 2004.
2004 (Google)
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Google Inc., the Internet search engine, has acquired Picasa Inc., which makes technology to help consumers organize and display photos online.

July 14, 2004  |  New York Times

With consumers expected to snap up nearly 60 million digital cameras this year, Web sites that help shutterbugs share their photos electronically are proliferating.

February 29, 2004  |  USA Today

As an increasing number of people turn to digital photography, novices and professionals alike are itching for innovative ways to share their photos.

December 11, 2003  |  PC Magazine
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