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RayTracker, Inc. is focused on delivering innovative solar tracking technologies with exceptional quality and industry-leading customer service. The company's flagship product, RayTracker GC, is a world-class, single-axis tracker that has received many accolades and has been installed in multiple megawatts of commercial and utility projects. RayTracker began as a business unit of Energy Innovations, and was spun out in early 2009 before being acquired by First Solar in 2011.
2011 (First Solar)
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January 7, 2011  |  RayTracker
RayTracker triples revenue and ramps up manufacturing amid strong demand for their PV tracking solutions
July 14, 2010  |  RayTracker
RayTracker has enabled Quality Industries to save 16 jobs
April 29, 2010  |  RayTracker

Technology Partners are still being finalized but RayTracker among others are in discussions with PPA Partners for inclusion in the Project.

March 5, 2010  |  RayTracker

Company poised to capitalize on the burgeoning solar tracker market; appoints Kang Sun as CEO.

March 3, 2009  |  RayTracker
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