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Snap Technologies
Snap was one of the largest distributed media networks on the Internet, reaching 43 million unique US users a month in 48 languages and allowing them to seamlessly view relevant content without clicking links or conducting searches.
Snap Technologies
From the Archive
Related News Launches Snap Ad Network; User-Demanded Content Combined with “Hypercontextual” Ad Deliver More Valuable Information.

November 6, 2007  |  Snap Technologies

Free Services Provide Website Owners with Comprehensive Search and Site Preview Capabilities.

November 14, 2006  |  Snap Technologies

Company continues to round out its rapidly growing executive team.

October 2, 2006  |  Snap Technologies

Now Gross hopes to shake things up again with, which is providing another commercial twist on search engines while also promising to deliver more useful results than industry leaders Google and Yahoo.

July 19, 2005  |  USA Today
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