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Taboola (Perfect Market)
Headquartered in New York City, with R&D in Israel and offices in London and Bangkok, Taboola is the leading content discovery platform. Taboola serves over 150 billion content recommendations to over 400 million unique visitors every month on the Web's most innovative publisher sites, including USA Today, The Huffington Post, Time, and The Weather Channel. Publishers, marketers, and agencies leverage Taboola to retain users on their sites, monetize their traffic, and distribute their content to drive high-quality audiences. With the acquisition of Perfect Market, Taboola introduced a new product called Taboola-X based on technology originally developed by Perfect Market. By combining Perfect Market's programmatic advertising technology with Taboola's global, industry-leading content distribution and monetization capabilities, Taboola-X will create a "one-stop-shop" for full page monetization across all platforms.
Perfect Market
2014 (Taboola)
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