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Thermata's mission was to deploy the lowest cost, most accurate and flexible heliostat system in the industry. With core technology that enabled the development of a unique, aggressively low cost heliostat field, Thermata incorporated unique intellectual property using true closed loop heliostat sensing and control that eliminated the need for encoders, linear actuators, and other expensive components of more traditional heliostats. Thermata's assets were acquired by SolarReserve in 2012.
2012 (SolarReserve)
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Thermata is demonstrating a collector system with enhanced optical tracking capability.
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Using digital technologies, startup Thermata looks to slash the cost of concentrating solar power plants which is needed to stave off the onslaught from cheaper solar photovoltaic panels.
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An early stage Idealab startup called Thermata, is building a business around solar-powered boilers that produce steam for industrial processes, like paper making, food processing, and petroleum processing.
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