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Top10 is a better way to find and book your perfect hotel. Search over 500,000 hotels around the world, compare prices from all the major booking sites and find the best deal every time.
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Related News, has closed an $8 million Series B funding round, led by Balderton Capital, following what it describes as rapid growth over the past 12 months.
March 2, 2014  |  TechCrunch
March 2, 2014  |  The Domains
Frustrated by the countless unstructured lists of hotels online,’s founders decided they could do it faster and in a more personalised way than what already exists.
December 12, 2013  |  Top 10
A new hotel comparison site aims to find users the best deals, plus we look at other great tools for booking accommodation, including HotelTonight for cut-price, same-night offers.
October 17, 2013  |  Top 10
Top10 is a UK-based startup that does what its name implies.
January 5, 2012  |  TechCrunch
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