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Featured News|1996 – 2003
IM Your Photos

As an increasing number of people turn to digital photography, novices and professionals alike are itching for innovative ways to share their photos.

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ValueClick buys marketer Commission Junction

Under the deal, ValueClick will fold Commission Junction's business and customers, including its eBay part, into its own affiliate network, Be Free.

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Yahoo! and Overture Announce Completion of Acquisition

Overture Becomes a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of Yahoo!

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If You Liked the Web Page, You'll Love the Ad

Two Internet companies, Google and Overture, have made a brisk business of selling ads that appear alongside Web search results.

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Overture Completes Acquisition of AltaVista Business

Acquisition, combined with Overture's recently completed acquisition of the Web search unit of Fast Search & Transfer (FAST), enables Overture to offer a full-service search solution to portals, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and other destination sites.

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'Push' Technology Lives, but Now You Pay for It

In the last few months, Infogate, the company that acquired the Pointcast technology, has signed up a string of media companies that see push as a way of generating subscription revenue.

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Ideas Aplenty From Idealab Head

Interview with Idealab founder and CEO, Bill Gross.

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Have We Got a Deal for You

Zero-percent auto financing has returned, as Detroit seeks to boost sagging sales.

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Ebay Teams with Commission Junction to Launch Affiliate Marketing Program

Online Trading Site Uses Pay-for-Performance Advertising to Broaden Reach & Drive Results.

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DotTV Wants to Be Your Domain

Hoping to break from the pack of teeny domains like .tm, .md, and .to, .tv has launched a major advertising campaign, touting itself as the perfect symbol for the Internet's future.

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South Pacific 'TV' nation finds paradise on the Internet

The tiny South Pacific island nation of Tuvalu has become all the rage in the high-tech world because of its top level Internet domain name, which is ".tv".

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EToys' IPO Rocket Ride

Shares of the Santa Monica, California, toy company more than quadrupled on the first day of trading on Thursday. The stock was priced at US$20 a share on Wednesday evening. EToys (ETYS) opened at $78 share and soared as high as $85 before closing up $57 at $77.

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