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Featured News|2011
Solar Thermal: Secret Weapon in the Fight Against Climate Change
eSolar’s innovative solar thermal power tower, the Sierra Suntower. More >
Evolution Robotics Mint II
Evolution Robotics just announced improved version of Mint robotic cleaner More >
Why greentech will be huge in India
Many companies are providing off-grid solar PV systems like Duron Energy. More >
Mingly Brings Social Relationship Management to Gmail
A start-up tackling the personal relationship management problem head on. More >
Mingly: Bring your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Accounts to your Gmail Account
Mingly brings all your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts right into your Gmail account. More >
Mint Floor Cleaner Review
A product that makes my life easier. More >
Business Insider Adopts Perfect Market Enterprise to Grow Revenue
Business Insider implements the Perfect Market Enterprise platform More >
BILL GROSS: Here Are The 12 Lessons I've Learned In My 30 Years Of Being An Entrepreneur
A reflection on his 30 years as a serial entrepreneur. More >
LeWeb11: Bill Gross, CEO Idealab
“Learn­ing From Fail­ure: 20 Years of Entre­pre­neur­ial Lessons in 20 Minutes” More >
Now Open for Business: TheDailyMeal Store Serves Up New Shopping Experience Powered by
The Daily Meal is the destination site for "All things food and drink" and now includes ecommerce powered by More >
Search Software Indexes Social Feeds, Gmail
X1's high-performance desktop search engine adds Facebook, Twitter, and leading webmail services. More >
X1 Pro 7 Now Searches and Archives Facebook, Twitter and Webmail
Desktop Productivity Tool Displays Search Results Across Email, Webmail, Files and Social Media in One Pane More >
X1 Technologies adds Robust Facebook Search Ability
X1 Pro 7, adds the capability to search Facebook, Twitter, and Webmail to the existing ability to search corporate email and local files. More >
X1 Improves Search with Facebook Updates and Twitter Tweets
X1 Pro 7 now lets you search social network posts, and webmail in addition to local email and documents on the PC. More >
Idealab, the Roots of the SoCal Tech Community, and the Bill Gross Legacy Gets $13.5M
The Latest Networking Boosters: Mingly And Sonar
One of the best network aggregation web app is Mingly. More >
Aptera Closes Its Doors: No Three-Wheeled Car for You
Note to entrepreneurs: it’s really hard to build a new automobile (see Next Autoworks, Chevy Volt, Fisker, Tesla, Edsel). More >
7 Gifts for Robot Fanatics
Genius Gadet Gifts
The Luxe List Reviews shows what to get for the tecno-file in you family and Mint Cleaner is on the list. More >
Five Techno Advances to Keep Your Home Sparkly
Revolutionized cleaning is a natural step. More >
Cleantech 100 identifies top innovators in sustainability
eSolar's 5 MW Sierra SunTower installation covers 20 acres and will provide power 'up to 4,000 homes.' More >
Automated Holiday Floor Cleaning Ideas
Let the Floor Cleaning Robot from Mint Handle Dirty Hard Surface Floors More >
Traveling with a cause!
Triptrotters are not only global citizens but are also striving to make a difference in the world! More >
eDiscovery for Social Media
eDSG recommends X1 Social Discovery from X1 DISCOVERY More >
Can Lawyers Be Disqualified by Merely Viewing a Linkedin Profile?
The Implications of Indirect Social Media Communications and Legal Ethics Rules More >
Taking Energy Storage to a Higher Level
Innovation can help reduce carbon emissions – and improve the lives of millions of the world’s poorest people. More >
Launchpad LA Receives VC Funding: $50,000 Per Startup
Idealab Funds Mingly
Gadget Lab Podcast: Jawbone Up Wristband, Freaky Robotic Vacuums
Are Today's Companies Built to Last?
Harry Lin, executive in residence at Idealab, helps answer this question. More >
The TOH Top 100: Best New Home Products 2011
Home Tech: Man’s New Best Friend- Mint Plus More > Users Form More Than 4,000 Communities in First Week
More than 15 million “Chimes” shared on new interest network More >
PHOTOS: A Visit to Idealab in Pasadena
Matthew DeBord visits Idealab to learn a bit more about the startup scene in Southern California. More >
Win a Mint Floor Cleaner!
Dr. Drew's Life Changers More >
(Video Demo) Bill Gross Chimes In
Bill Gross launched a new product at the Web 2.0 Summit called More >
Everything you need to know about
UberMedia launches a new social network. More >
Bill Gross Q&A: Can Chime solve the web’s relevance problem?
UberMedia CEO Bill Gross is launching a new content-based social network called More >
Chiming in with a different social network an "interest network." More >
Wed 2.0 Summit 2011: Bill Gross,
UberMedia Launches Interest Network: New Social Media Platform for Connecting and Engaging Around Interests
Launch Partners Include E! Entertainment, Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, Bravo and Redfin, as Well as Strategic Funding Partner Comcast Ventures More >
X1 Discovery Unveils Industry’s First Investigative Solution to Collect Social Media Content from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
Dramatically Increasing the speed of social media collection, search and analysis and enabling best practices for preservation and production More >
X1 Discovery and the Hot Social Media Field
X1 Social Discovery product is a desktop platform that indexes ESI contained in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. More >
X1 Discovery Ships Social Media Discovery Software
X1 Social Discovery has shipped. More >
Gross Expects `Incredible' Monetization of Social Media
Bill Gross, chief executive officer of Idealab Inc.,speaks with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." More >
Bill Gross Explains What’s Different About “You Can Follow A Part Of A Person”
Bill Gross officially introduce UberMedia’s latest product, More >
UberMedia Launches Social Interest Network is a new social interest network that aims to help you connect with friends and new people while sharing and discovering content related to your interests. More >
UberMedia Announces is an interest network, where people share, connect with others, and build communities around their favorite topics. More >
Bill Gross Chimes In
Serial entrepreneur Bill Gross has come up with a new idea - More >
Twitter App Maker UberMedia Launches Its Own Social Network a new site where you can connect with friends and family and a real-time network for sharing news. More >
UberMedia's Interest Network Says It's Different From Twitter
UberMedia launches its own micro-messaging platform called More >
X1 Redefines Mobile Search for iPhone and iPad
New iPhone and iPad App Searches Mac or PC Desktops, Providing Fingertip Access to Email and Docs on the Go More >
X1 Social Discovery Transforms eDiscovery for Social Media
Industry’s first investigative solution that dramatically changes how eDiscovery and Forensics Professionals conduct discovery of social media content today More >
Addressing Social Media Collection and Personal Responsibility
X1 Discovery recently briefed EDJ on its social media collection offering. More >
Disruptive Tendencies
Triptrotting, which lets travelers connect with locals who want to meet them, is added to the list of disruptive tendencies. More >
DURON Solar Launches DURON Breeze
A Product Offering Reliable Solar Power and Freedom from Darkness, Heat More >
How to save green tech from crashing
Thermata featured on CNET's Green Tech report. More >
Insider Traveling
Tourists are seeking more authentic cultural experiences More >
Access Twitter on iPhone, BlackBerry and Android with UberSocial
UberMedia Revamps Twidroyd App as UberSocial for Android More >
Tech leaders hail Apple's Jobs as an industry 'hero'
"Business superhero Steve Jobs has changed people's lives around the world more than almost any businessperson alive," Bill Gross, chief executive of Idealab, wrote in a post on Google+. More >
Looking Forward
A marketing/PR intern at Perfect Market, shares her view on being an intern. More >
9 Gadgets to Keep Your House Clean
The Mint, another self-navigating cleaner robot, is best if your living space is dominated by hard floors rather than carpets and rugs. More >
Triptrotting Lets You Experience Your Travel Adventure With Locals
Triptrotting is the perfect go to website for those world travelers that crave excitement off the beaten bath. More >
GoPollGo Brings Polls With Real-Time Analytics to Twitter
GoPollGo’s Rich, Interactive User Interface Makes it Easy to “See What People Think” and Identify Trends Instantly Using Twitter More >
Polling Startup Gopollgo Redesigns With Realtime Analytics, Raises $325K From Idealab
Polling site Gopollgo launched a product and site refresh with a focus on gleaning more insights from Twitter followers. More >
Cool Energy, Inc. joins Idealab Network of Companies
Cool Energy, Inc., a developer of clean energy power generation systems, announced that it has joined the Idealab network of operating companies and received significant funding from Idealab. More >
Hitpad - See What's Up
Hitpad, the free newsreading app from Instant Discover, might be the Casey Kasem of current events. More >
Idealab CEO: Google+ will be fastest service ever to hit 100M users (and why he may be right)
Five 'Thinking Traps' Entrepreneurs Should Avoid
The brains behind Idealab say logical inconsistencies such as "recency bias" can cloud the judgment of startup founders More >
UberMedia Launches UberSocial 1.2 for BlackBerry with “Inner Circle” To Ensure You Never Miss a Tweet from Those Closest To You
Inner Circle allows you to elevate the most important people you follow to an exclusive timeline. More >
An Interview with Yolanda Clatworthy, the Ultimate Triptrotter
Triptrotting is all about connecting travellers with locals and then providing both with authentic experiences and opportunities to make new friends. More >
Twidroyd Version 6.0 Brings “UberBar” to No. 1 Rated Android Twitter App
The release of Twidroyd 6.0 is designed to offer creative usability. More >
Two New Web Sites Aim to Connect Travelers matches travelers with hosts in a 173 cities, including Los Angeles, Budapest and Barcelona. More >
Mint Robotic Floor Cleaner – Mops and Sweeps
The Mom Buzz reviews the Mint. More >
Charlie Rose interviews Ashton Kutcher, Katalyst Media
Ashton Kutcher talks about his new Twitter application that he launched with UberMedia called A+. More >
Perfect Market Names Mark Bell Senior Vice President of Sales
Mark Bell joins Perfect Market after 25 years of leading technology sales and business and development at leading startups and large public companies. More >
Ashton Kutcher and UberMedia launch a Twitter app
Ashton Kutcher launches a new app for Twitter called A.Plus. More >
Ashton Kutcher releases A.Plus Twitter app built by UberMedia
Ashton Kutcher launched A.Plus, a Twitter app for desktop computers, built by UberMedia. More >
Mother's Day tech gifts
Tech expert Katie Linendoll showed off great tech gifts mom is sure to love including the Mint. More >
Ultimate Triptrotter? Win an Amazing Trip!
A very cool travel concept that allows anyone to experience any destination as a local. More >
The Perfect Host
Your New International Army of Tour Guides More >
Making Friends on the Road: Where to Go When You Know a Local
Great tips about travel experiences you can have with a local’s expertise. More >
Hitpad receives the FWA Mobile Of The Day Award
Traveling Abroad This Summer? Become A Triptrotter Before You Go!
Triptrotting is a website that will set you up with a local in your host country, alleviating the fear of having to figure it all our on your own. More >
HitPad Brings Active Curation, News Discovery To The iPad
HitPad takes active news curation to the next logical level by providing its users with a snapshot of current news from around the world from different fields of interest, different news sources, and different types of media More >
Triptrotting: The Cure for the Lonely Traveler (and All You Seasoned Travelers Too...)
Leon Logothetis says he stumbled upon a way to inspire the shy and seasoned traveler alike to shed their inhibitions and see the world. More >
Triptrotting Promises a New Way to Travel (and an Amazing 4-Week Summer Trip!)
A site with two key differentiating factors that set their community of travelers apart. More >
Can You Really Incubate the Next Big Thing?
Latina Mom Bloggers and PapiBlogger Announce 2011 Mother’s Day Gift Guide
Mint is one of the top picks from a list of over 30 gifts featured in the 2011 Mother’s Day Gift Guide. More >
App of the Day
Hitpad for iPad More >
Triptrotting Sets out to Change the Travel Experience
New service establishes online community of like-minded travelers and locals. More >
Gadgets To Do Everything Faster
Mint is on the Doctor Oz Show. More >
Cleaning house
Two Pasadena firms are supplying the financial brains and brawn for the green revolution More >
A $300 idea that is priceless
Applying the world’s business brains to housing the poor More >
50 Cent, G-Unit Records Joins With UberMedia To Create Custom Twitter Theme
UberSocial creates a personal 50 Cent theme titled the “Uber50” – available today as a free download with limited features and a pay version with expanded features. More >
Echofon Completes Full Product Line Upgrade with New Versions for Mac and Firefox
Echofon, an UberMedia company, announced the availability of completely updated versions of Echofon for Macintosh and Firefox. More >
Deal or Dud: Mint Cleaner
This robotic cleaner promises to clean your floors, but can it really get the job done? More >
Her Complaints - Is your spouse affecting your health?
A happily married couple both suspect that the other is making them sick. Her complaints are snoring and dirty floors. Mint gives them a solution. More >
App of the Week: Hitpad [iPad]
Hitpad for the iPad is a slick way to get all the latest from multiple search engines, Twitter, and more. More >
Start-Up Watch COD: Perfect Market helps pubs monetize their content vaults
Perfect Market helps media companies, including leading newspapers like the LA Times, Hearst newspapers, Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun, and the OC Register, better monetize their content through its technology platform. More >
UberMedia and G-Unit Records Announce Uber50 – Custom 50 Cent Theme for UberSocial for BlackBerry
Uber50, a new theme for UberSocial for BlackBerry crafted by the recording artist, 50 Cent. More >
Mean Clean-Machines
Arm yourself with a little bit of power and spruce up in a snap More >
UberMedia Launches Branded UberChannels Featuring Dedicated Content from USA TODAY, Mashable, Bleacher Report and Duke Basketball
Each UberChannel displays a wide variety of the publisher’s Tweets that have been organized by topic for more convenient access. More >
Introducing Hitpad – The Day's Most Important Content at your Fingertips
Hitpad application for iPad allows users to “see what’s up” in the world that day More >
Get a visual hit of news with HitPad for the iPad
Hitpad is a ‘quick hit’ of what’s going on in the news on the iPad. More >
Hitpad for iPad: The latest news, fast.
Hitpad displays the current top news stories across a range of categories, from current affairs, to technology, to entertainment. More >
Want to succeed? Build an ‘anti-advisory board’
Solar-Powered Steam Courtesy of Thermata
An early stage Idealab startup called Thermata, is building a business around solar-powered boilers that produce steam for industrial processes, like paper making, food processing, and petroleum processing. More >
UberMedia and Mashable Partner to Launch the “UberGuide to SXSW”
Where UberSocial and Twidroyd Users Can Follow All the Excitement at the Famed Interactive, Music and Film Festival More >
Weekend warriors discover the pivot
Bill Gross, founder of Idealab, tells in this Entrepreneur Thought Leader Lecture, given at Stanford University, how he learned this lesson. More >
At the Home and Housewares Show, All Things Bright and Clever
At the International Home and Housewares Show, Evolution Robotics Mint Automatic Floor cleaner puts five robotic floor cleaners through the moves, dancing hard and strong to “Boom Boom Pow” by the Black Eyed Peas. More >
Cool Gadgets at the Home and Housewares Show
Mint automatic floor cleaner in the round up review at the Home and Housewares Show. More >
Review: The Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner
Let the robots do the swiffering for you. More >
UberMedia and Bleacher Report Announce Launch of UberSports College Hoops Promotion Where Twidroyd and UberSocial “Ultimate Fans” Can Tweet Photos and Win Major Prizes
Two Local Firms Make WSJ Clean Technology List
eSolar is on the list. More >
The Top 10 Clean-Tech Companies
eSolar is on the list. More >
Energy Cache Eyes Smart Grid, With Backing Of Idealab
Energy Cache recently won the top prize at the recent Tech Coast Angels Fast Pitch in Los Angeles. More >
Meet Bill Gross, The
Stanford Entrepreneurship Week: Little Fish, But in Big Pond
Stanford University’s Entrepreneurship Week concluded with a presentation from Idealab founder Bill Gross. More >
Interview with John Delacruz, Foodme
Foodme, one of the first external startups funded out of the New Venture Group, talks to SoCalTech. More >
Twidroyd 5 Launches – Enables Muting of Users and Keywords, Adds Content Channels on Popular Topics and Precise Geotagging with Skyhook Wireless
Twidroyd 5 adds to an already platform-leading feature set, the latest version includes a number of the most popular additions requested by users. More >
Ubermedia's UberCurrent Twitter Client Really is
UberCurrent is a uniquely designed Twitter app that caters to users in an entirely different way More >
Accel Partners Leads Investment Round in UberMedia
Jim Breyer Joins Board of Directors More >
UberMedia Announces UberCurrent, A Breakthrough Twitter App That Lets You Easily Follow The World’s Most Influential Tweeters On Topics That Matter To You
Formerly UberSocial in the app store, UberCurrent invites potential Twitter users to see what the buzz is all about. More >
Echofon announces Echofon 4 for iPhone and iPad
First iPad App to Deploy Real­‐time Timeline Updates and SMS‐like Global Push for Direct Messages More >
THE DAVOS AWARDS: The 25 People And Companies Who Just Won The World's Most Prestigious Event
X1 Technologies Appoints John Patzakis as President of eDiscovery
John will be responsible for leading and growing the company’s efforts in the legal vertical, including X1’s eDiscovery Search Suite. More >
UberMedia Acquires, Plans to Add Company’s Content Channels Across Its Family of Twitter Apps
Mixx will be an addition to UberMedia's family of apps, including UberTwitter, Twidroyd and Echofon. More >
Q&A: Bill Gross’s UberMedia Goes for a Third Name and Strategy
UberMedia COO Jon Kraft speaks with NetworkEffect to say that there is indeed a method behind all the name-changing and client-acquiring strategies. More >
PostUp Acquires UberTwitter, Renames Company UberMedia
Julie Schoenfeld On Perfect Market's New Funding
Perfect Market Raises $9 Million in New Financing Led by Comcast
Perfect Market enables branded publishers to compete in the online economy by creating value from their content. More >
Perfect Market, news ad firm, lands $9 million in funding round led by Comcast
Perfect Market Raises $9 Million More To Boost Content Visibility, Publishers’ Revenue
Julie Schoenfeld, Chief executive and president of Perfect Market, gives a brief explanation on the funding announcement. More >
First Solar Acquires RayTracker Inc.
Evolution Robotics’ Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner Set for European Launch and Expanded National Retail Distribution
Following exciting sellout in 2010, Mint adds Good Housekeeping VIP Award and CES Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Award to list of accolades. More >
PostUp Acquires Echofon, Leading Twitter App on iPhone, iPad and Firefox
Good Housekeeping's 2011 VIP Winners
Mint Cleaner is on Good Housekeeping's list as the most useful innovative 2011 products. More >
Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner Receives CES Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Award
Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner has received an International CES Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Award in the Portable Home Appliances category. More >
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