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Featured News|2013
Don’t Overlook Your Meta Descriptions
One of the most overlooked aspects of ecommerce websites tends to be meta descriptions. More >
Startups Need Role Models Too
It is critical to have organizational role models, much in the same way that it is critical to have personal role models. More >
What are your favorite apps of 2013? Vine, Snapchat, Waze
USA Today, Jeffery Graham, went around Old Pasadena asking the public what their favorite apps were for 2013. More >
Building Responsive Widgets for Mobile
Kinetic Social Achieves Twitter Ads API Partner Status
Latest Development From Growing Social Data and Ad Platform Company Builds on Strength of Core Optimization Engine More >
David Sacks’ new real estate venture aims to give Pasadena its startup mojo back
The LA startup ecosystem has been on a roll of late. More >
Solving the Christmas Conundrum:
Using Global Places Data to Optimize Holiday Shopping More >
Developers see Pasadena as an inland version of Silicon Beach
Entrepreneur David Sacks and Rising Realty have bought three century-old buildings in Old Pasadena and plan to transform them into a hub for tech start-ups. More >
Startup pitch: wants to provide the definitive hotel shortlist
Frustrated by the countless unstructured lists of hotels online,’s founders decided they could do it faster and in a more personalised way than what already exists. More >
Startup Chile 9th Batch: TeliportMe, TommyJams, Zestbuds, ReportGarden & More
Chile government run accelerator Startup Chile has inducted 100 startups into the ninth generation of its accelerator program. More >
5 Tips for Giving Effective Feedback to Your Employees
Bill Gross gives us tip #1 More >
Social Media Case Law Update — November 2013
A semi-monthly practice, checking in on the reported cases involving social media for November. More >
100 Must Follow On Twitter 2014
Bill Gross is one of the 100 must follow Twitter list for 2014 More >
An Ideal Startup Accelerator Program
The 3 Pillars of an Effective Startup Accelerator Program More >
The Essential Management Book You're Not Reading
It was originally intended for software programmers but the handbook "Extreme Programming Explained" is gaining a cult status for its simple leadership ideas. More >
Navigating The Wild West of HTML5 Games
Enter in-app purchases and advertising. More >
Playing the numbers game with marketplaces
It’s a numbers game – there’s some arithmetic, a bit of probability, a touch of algebra. More >
Bangalore company making Google Glass app
Teliportme has caught a lot of attention, including that of Google More >
Popular Twitter client Echofon completely redesigned for iOS 7
Top travel websites:
A new hotel comparison site aims to find users the best deals, plus we look at other great tools for booking accommodation, including HotelTonight for cut-price, same-night offers. More >
Kinetic Social Launches Ideas Lab in Toronto
CTO Rocky Appiah to lead North American innovation efforts for emerging social media ad platform. More >
Case Study: How Sneakers Seekers grew sales 20% and cut costs with AutoMCF
Sneakers Seekers, examining the impact that AutoMCF has had on their business. More >
eSolar Announces $22M in Funding
Company to capture enhanced oil recovery market in MENA region with advanced heliostat design and molten salt energy storage More >
Top Twitter apps for Android
UberSocial is one of the four feature-rich alternatives. More >
Federal law enforcement agents will use Web crawler from X1 Social Discovery
The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) intends to procure a “perpetual license” and yearly software maintenance from X1 Social Discovery. More >
Kinetic Social Beefs Up Sales Force/West Coast Presence
Emerging social media ad platform launches San Francisco sales office with new hires, expanding business development efforts on the heels of recent $8 million Series A round. More >
ESolar Picks Up $22M for Concentrated Solar For Oil and Gas Markets
Ivanpah coming on-line, funding for eSolar, plus a quick update on CSP in the U.S. More >
eSolar Debuts Next-gen Heliostat, Molten Salt Plant Design
Solar innovator unveils optimized solar collector, energy storage capabilities at SolarPACES More >
6 tools to help firms track social media
X1 Discovery is one of the firms on the list. More >
Cool Energy’s Stirling Engine convert waste heat to electricity
Cool Energy was awarded a $1 million grant from the Department of Energy to help the company’s research on a 20 kilowatt waste heat Stirling engine generator. More >
High-tech strategy partners Art Center College of Design, Caltech and Idealab
Serial Entrepreneur Takes on Smart Advertising
Rich DeMuro sat down with Bill Gross to talk about UberMedia and what he thinks is the next big thing in advertising. More >
The Next Wave of Ads Knows Everything About You — Before You Do
Predictive ads — tailored to your exact location and taste. More >
Apple Site Outage Slows Some Developers
Gladys Kong, chief technology officer at Echofon discusses some challenges. More >
UberMedia and Buffer Partner to Deliver Effortless Automatic Sharing to Users of Their Award-Winning Echofon Twitter Client
Users will now be able to use both apps seamlessly from one place for better productivity and efficiency when using Twitter More >
Buffer integrates its tweet scheduling service into popular Twitter client Echofon
Buffer allows tweets to be ‘buffered’ from inside the Echofon mobile app. More >
Tint Vs RebelMouse
David Vs. Goliath of Social Feeds? More >
How to Build Your Own, More Powerful Version of Google Voice
MightyText stands out as the definite best alternative to Google Voice’s synchronized text messages More >
Perfect Social from Perfect Market Allows Publishers to Harness the Power of Social Media
Perfect Market to Give 60-Day Free Trial of its Social Sharing Product to Digital Publishers Looking to Increase Traffic and Engagement More >
UberMedia launches new mobile targeting system as brands splash out on summer season mobile ads
Pasadena-based mobile advertising startup UberMedia is aiming to capitalize on a potentially breakthrough quarter for the mobile ad industry with the launch of a new ad product dubbed UberAds. More >
Bill Gross, Founder Of Pioneering PPC Search Engine GoTo, Launches UberAds Mobile Ad Solution
UberAds, a mobile ad platform that cross references public social media signals with geo-location data to deliver targeted advertisements across multiple screens. More >
Announcing UberAds - Deriving Consumer Intent from Social Signals and Tripling Ad Performance
UberAds makes mobile advertising more effective – advertisers get better results, publishers make more money and consumers get better relevance More >
Bill Gross’ UberMedia launches UberAds, using social and location data to better target on mobile
UberMedia, is looking to create the same kind of disruption with a new mobile advertising platform called UberAds that utilizes social signals and location data for ad targeting. More >
Bill Gross Looks to Repeat Ad Success
Idealab company UberMedia on Wednesday launched UberAds, a mobile advertising platform that seeks to make ads on phones and tablets more relevant to people. More >
New ad platform targets mobile users by scouring social media
Mobile ad platform UberAds targets users based on their social media activity and location. More >
This Summer Could Be the Breakthrough in Mobile Advertising Brands gear up
UberMedia launches a new ad product called UberAds that targets app users based on their social media data and location. More >
Kinetic Social Charts Growth Path With $8 Million Financing
Leading social media ad platform secures combination of Series A and term venture working capital facility from Blue Chip Venture Company and Gibraltar Business Capital More >
Programmatic Hits Faster Than First Thought Says Perfect Market's Schoenfeld
AdExchanger spoke to Schoenfeld about her company and industry trends last week. More >
Give your website a Pinterest flavor with Tint
Display your social feeds on your website More >
LIL 2013: And the Winner is… Punchcard, Inagural Liftoff Awards Lifts Off
Punchcard emerged as the winner, based on audience votes. More > Finds Buyer
A Real Experience With Social Media Archiving
Governance of social media is clearly on the agenda right now and X1 Discovery among others is on the leading edge. More >
Tackling social media challenges
How to reign in social media as a business process and gain control More >
UberMedia Launches iOS Advertising Tool
A new mobile ad campaign product called Appvertise. More >
For the First Time, iOS App Developers Can Build Effective Mobile Ads Right From an iPhone in Just Minutes!
UberMedia Introduces Appvertise, a Simple, Innovative Way to Create Effective Mobile Ad Campaigns from any iOS Device More >
Perfect Market Announces Digital Publishing Suite, a Powerful and Comprehensive SaaS Platform for Premium Publishers
DPS, a powerful, comprehensive set of adaptive tools for increasing traffic, engagement and revenue. More >
8 Great TweetDeck Alternatives
Echofon is on the list. More >
Find unique tourist attractions with Crash City Guides for iOS
The iPhone app lists thousands of unique places like hidden waterfalls and obscure museums. More >
Crash Launches Tourist Attraction App
Crash just launched out of the Pasadena incubator Idealab to help tourists find the most photo-worthy attractions. More >
Crash, Backed By Idealab, Debuts App For Finding Tourist Attractions
Described as a combination of "Yelp meets Foursquare meets Instagram". The app launches first in Austin, Hawaii, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. More >
Crash Debuts An Online And Mobile Guide To Local Tourist Attractions
Crashworks, a new Idealab-backed travel startup, is today coming out of its semi-stealth mode with a fun mobile application called Crash and accompanying website for unique, crowdsourced tourist attractions. More >
GoPollGo takes its polling solution mobile by releasing an iOS application
Today GoPollGo released an iPhone application, taking its online polling solution into the mobile sphere. More >
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