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Featured News|2014
Top education apps for the holidays
Over Christmas, children need a break from the structure of school, but subtle learning can continue with these apps, says Sebastien Breteau. The Foos is on the list. More >
REVIEW: The Foos
Introduce coding concepts to pre-readers with this vibrant game. More >
REVIEW: The Foos
Introduce coding concepts to pre-readers with this vibrant game. More >
Factual Launches Self-serve Tools for Proximity Designer and Audience Builder
Factual’s platform can target people who visit a particular retailer’s stores, or those of a competitor More >
Small Business Digital Marketing Tools
Here are the 8 most effective small business digital marketing tools for getting customers through the door. More >
The Future of Mobile Marketing
Kevin Winston, founder and CEO of Digital LA, moderated a panel about the future of mobile marketing, particularly in the area of ad buying on mobile. Gladys Kong was one of the panelists. More >
Meet The Foos!
Blog posted on behalf of Grant Hosford, CEO and Co-Founder of codeSpark More >
Amazon Re:Invent – With the Cloud, Avoid Mistakes of the Past
A review of Amazon Re:Invent conference in Las Vegas. More >
CIOs Use Social Software to Help the Help Desk
Kaleo, a cloud-based software, is the latest example of how social business software, long viewed as standalone applications, is becoming woven throughout the enterprise fabric. More >
Introducing the Weather App, News App, and Even More Social Apps For Enplug
A whole new batch of free apps in the Enplug App Market, compatible with any Enplug display announced today. More >
Cleantech Incubator Program Energy Excelerator Selects Its 2015 Class
Energy Excelerator, an accelerator program for cleantech startups based in Hawaii, has picked its 2015 class of 17 companies. Edisun Heliostats is one of them. More >
Factual Featured Partner: SocialRadar
SocialRadar is an inventive app that combines the power of social and location data to cue users in to their connections to the people around them. More >
Here Are The Best Consumer 3D Printers On The Market
New Matter starts off the list. More >
InMobi Inks Global Partnership with Factual to Increase Mobile Ad Efficacy for Brands
Busy with product launches, Factual is poised to be the best provider of global location data
Factual releases a new product to help with geographically labeling images and messages on mobile. More >
Announcing Factual’s Geopulse Geotag with Launch Partners Dropbox & Tastemade
#EcomLaunch 4
Early Order Fulfillment & Bug Squashing More >
Profiling Hadoop jobs with Riemann
Bootstrapping, Content Marketing, Future of Shopping, and More
A few stories that we feel are worth a few minutes of your attention. More >
Using Trello Like a Pro to Manage Startup Operations and Projects
How to Pick a Good Hashtag
Here are five tips for creating a winning hashtag of your own More >
Ecommerce Lessons Learned From Old School Retail
Social Discovery
An Interview With Howard Williamson More >
Taboola Goes Programmatic With Acquisition of Perfect Market
New powerful programmatic advertising solution called “Taboola-X” will enable Taboola to provide publishers with a “one-stop-shop” for full page monetization, Taboola’s expected annualized run-rate post acquisition to reach $250M. More >
Taboola buys Perfect Market to help publishers monetize their sites better
Taboola, a content recommendation service, has purchased programmatic ad tech startup Perfect Market for an undisclosed amount. More >
Welcoming Perfect Market To The Taboola Family and Bringing Native To Programmatic As Taboola-X
Pasadena ad-tech start-up Perfect Market acquired by Taboola
Taboola, a New York online advertising and publishing start-up, has acquired Pasadena-based rival Perfect Market. More >
Perfect Market bought by Taboola to help publishers profit on all sections of the webpage
Taboola, a paid content syndication network, will be acquiring Los Angeles-based Perfect Market for an undisclosed amount. More >
Taboola Acquires Perfect Market, Launches Taboola-X To Help Publishers Monetize Their Sites
Content recommendation startup Taboola launches a new product called Taboola-X. More >
Website Recommendation Company Taboola Says It's On Pace To Do $250 Million In Revenue
Taboola announces it has acquired Perfect Market, a digital service that helps publishers increase traffic and revenue. More >
Startup Factory: Pasadena Incubator's Latest Hatch Is 3-D Printer Maker
Idealab's calling card is simple: It's an 18-year-old incubator with more than 120 company launches under its belt since its founding. More >
Metamason: Revolutionizing 3D printed custom CPAP masks for sleep apnea sufferers
The $250 3D printer
New Matter CEO Steve Schell displays the company’s new $250 More >
An Interview with the Maker of Mod-t, the Affordable 3D Printer for Your Home
New Matter has brought an impressive new dynamic to the table: an affordable 3D printing option. More >
“Competing in a ‘Data First’ World” – Gil Elbaz at M1 Summit [Video]
Factual founder and CEO Gil Elbaz spoke at the M1 Summit in New York, NY this past May. More >
Here's Why New Matter Is Able To Sell Its Gorgeous 3-D Printers For A Shockingly Low $249
The American Heart Association Harnesses the Power of Social Media Through Tint’s Innovative Display
Tint’s services help to create an impactful social media display hub that led to not only reaching donation goal but caused their Heart & Stroke Walk to trend on Twitter for hours during the event. More >
Why I Decided To Go Multi-Channel
A transition from being an eBay-only seller to having a multi-channel selling strategy on my own website. More >
Social Media Discovery is Game-Changing, and The Smart Practitioners Get It
WPP’s Data Alliance and Factual Partner to Enhance WPP’s Mobile Marketing with Location Data
A data partnership with WPP’s Data Alliance that enables WPP operating companies to leverage our full suite of location data and location-based ad targeting and mobile personalization products to enhance their mobile marketing capabilities. More >
WPP’s Data Alliance Adopts Factual’s Location Analytics
The deal between the ad holding company and Factual shows how geo-data is about more than just "location. More >
Welcome to the Party Apple
MightyText would love to make an iPhone version of MightyText, if and when Apple allows developers to integrated with SMS on the iPhone. More >
A Very Short History of LA Tech
These Are The 9 Hottest Startups In Los Angeles
The tech scene in Los Angeles has been heating up lately. Factual comes in at #6. More >
“Elephant in the Room” – Case Studies of Social Media in Civil and Criminal Cases
A guest blogger Mark Lanterman, Chief Technology Officer of Computer Forensics Services, Inc. More >
A closer look at New Matter’s MOD-t 3d printer
New Matter recently announced an already successful fundraising campaign for the first run of their $250 3d printer, the MOD-t. More >
Demonstration of the New Matter MOD-t 3D Printer Prototype
The X and Y axes of the MOD-t 3D printer are an really interesting change from what we normally see. More >
4 Ways Hotels use Social Hubs to Market and Engage Guests
Hotels are using social hubs and social walls. More >
The $199 MOD-T Printer May Not Amaze, But It Points Towards The Future Of Home 3D Printing
Designed by Frog Design and featuring a Wi-Fi chip for easy model downloads, the printer is designed to work within an ecosystem of desktop and mobile apps. More >
3D printers for $149?
Idealab CEO Bill Gross on the growth potential for 3D printers More >
Internet Brands to Be Acquired by KKR
This cheap and beautiful machine is 3D printing's best chance at going mainstream
Frog Design and startup New Matter want to make 3D printing as easy as buying an app More >
A $250 3-D Printer With Breakthrough Software
The Mod-T is a $250 3-D printer from New Matter. As ambitious as the low-cost hardware is, the startup's digital platform is arguably as groundbreaking as the low-cost printer itself. More >
Idealab Backs the $249 MOD-t, the Latest 3-D Printer for the Masses
The age of the inexpensive 3-D printer has arrived. More >
Waiting for the perfect low-cost 3D printer? Check out the MOD-t
The printer uses fewer parts than current options on the market, which its creators say allowed them to keep the price low. They also have a thorough plan for a clean user experience. More >
Meet New Matter:
A sub-$300 3D printer and design marketplace so easy a caveman can use it More >
A 3D Printer for the Rest of Us: New Matter Builds $199 Device
Backed by Idealab, the startup launched a Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign on Wednesday and hopes to deliver an end-to-end 3D printing solution for less than $200 by early 2015. More >
Someone Figured Out How To Make A 3-D Printer That Just About Anyone Can Afford
New Matter, a company launching a crazy-affordable 3D printer called the MOD-t via this Indiegogo campaign that kicked off today. More >
Frog Crowdfunds A $250 3-D Printer
The MOD-t 3-D Printer is the first release of Frog Ventures. More >
A Startup Making 3-D Printers Accessible To All
New Matter will retail their 3-D printers for $149 each through an Indiegogo campaign. More >
New Matter MOD-t Joins The Affordable 3D Printer Race
The New Matter Mod-t 3D printer uses a 2-axis motion system that supports the build plate with few components and moves simultaneously to print more consistently. More >
The $250 MOD-t delivers simplicity and beauty in a 3D printer
Affordable desktop 3D printing is imminent, and today another option began its crowdfunding campaign. More >
3D Printer For Only $300
Look how far 3D printing has come in such a short period of time. More >
Consumer to Enterprise: Hypemark’s Successful Pivot to Tint
“Discover the web through people you care about.” More >
Idealab's Sellbrite lets retailers manage eBay, Amazon, Etsy sales all at once
What else does an early stage e-commerce company in LA need? More >
Formula For A Profitable Retail Business On Amazon Or eBay
There are ultimately 2 ingredients in the formula for a profitable retail business, or any business for that matter. More >
Citrix Synergy Conference:
It’s About User Experience More >
Unusual New Matter MOD-t 3D Printer Moves Both Its Extruder and Print Bed
How To Manage Inventory
In this video we will show you how easy it is to manage inventory with Sellbrite. More >
3 Brands That Use Social Media in Customer Service to Boost Happiness
The brands that do it best are not only using social media to showcase their latest products, they’re using it to interact with customers and provide superior customer service. More >
23 Year Old First Time Entrepreneur making Millions
Tracing Millions of Features – Polygons with Mapbox
Using Mapbox Commercial Satellite to add millions of polygons to Factuals's existing store of location data. More >
How Factual’s location data comes in handy for startups Emu & Shopular (exclusive)
Factual maintains heaps of current data about what exists where in the world. More >
Expanding our Local Search Data Partnership with Microsoft’s Bing
It’s no secret that amazing mobile experiences rely upon great data, especially when it comes to search. More >
3 Ways To Gauge Demand For New Products
Ecommerce business owners, there’s a plethora of different tools and utilities out there for you to use. More >
As Desktop-as-a-Service Gains Traction, Do Not Overlook Productivity Search
Cool Energy, Inc. Honored as ‘Best for the Environment’, For Creating the Most Positive Environmental Impact
84 Businesses Across 30 Industries Take Lead Addressing Climate Change and Other Environmental Challenges More >
“Can You Hear Me Now?” The Role of Technology in Business Communication
The role of technology in business communication has never been more vital to nearly every aspect of a business than it is now. More >
Wist for iPhone now recommends the top 5 best places to eat and drink anywhere in the world
Wist is rolling out its personalized travel recommendations iPhone app globally from today. More >
The Goal? Oh, Just to Be the World's Biggest Location Database
Factual, the biggest behind-the-scenes startup you've never heard of, has already amassed data on 70 million locations around the world (and counting). More >
Digital Display Startup Enplug Raises $2.5 Million Seed Round
Enplug has raised a $2.5 million seed round to bring its digital display business to more restaurants, cafes, retail stores and other businesses. More >
The Single Best Way to Visually Engage Your Evangelists
Engaging through social media has evolved More >
10 Action Tips To Improve Paid Search
Yammer and EventBrite founders announce Giant Pixel startup studio, look to crack the code of parallel entrepreneurship
The accelerator model of startup building routinely comes under fire for questions of effectiveness and financial viability. More >
On the Road Again: Viewing American Business Travel through a Mobile Lens
Factual’s Geopulse Audience uses location data from mobile devices to develop insight about users’ behavior. More >
Tint the Intelligent Social Media Hub
Helping organizations drive deeper relationships with their customers through social media. More >
Venture Capitalist Mark Suster - 8 Tips For Startup Success
Understand your competition - Bill Gross More >
Cloud Search: Not As Simple As You Think
Corporations and Government agencies are moving data to the Cloud. More >
The First 14 Apps You Have To Download For Your New Samsung Galaxy S5
Plume is a better alternative to Twitter. More >
Keeping Up with the Times – Quarterly Changes in Factual’s Global Places Data
Using Tint to Find Kidnapped Children
A guest blog post from Marie Fahnert, an Attorney in Illinois who is using Tint to find kidnapped children. More >
Social Media Wonder-Wall Comparison
A Social Media Wall is a page on your website that collects together all the social content created on all your social media feeds. More >
New companies try to solve hard problems
DEMO Enterprise conference in San Francisco offers a fascinating glimpse into a future. More >
New companies try to solve hard problems
New companies in the tech world were on display at the DEMO Enterprise conference. More >
Apps I Love: MightyText
Struggles with text messaging More >
Diving into Digital Signage: What's on your screen?
Customers get really excited to see their own words on-screen. More >
Amazon Domination
Amazon Domination Pt. 3: Creating A Unique Product Listing More >
Search as a Desktop Virtualization Enabler
As long as information is searchable, eDiscovery is taken care of - not as easy as it sounds. More >
4 Reasons Perfect Market Bets on MongoDB
X1 Search 8 Virtual Edition is Verified as Citrix Ready
X1’s Lightning-Fast Search of Files & Emails in Virtual Desktop Environments is Trusted to Enhance Citrix Virtualization Infrastructure Solut More >
Pasadena Touting Hidden High-Tech Community
Connect is set to bring important figures in the technology world to Pasadena, which is seeking to raise its profile as a high-tech hub. More >
X1 First To Offer Social Discovery Certification
Pasadena's mature tech scene aims to emerge from Silicon Beach shadow
No longer content to let the Westside hog L.A.'s tech spotlight, Pasadena techies are uniting to market the city as a thriving technology hub — and, in turn, land investment dollars and credibility. More >
San Gabriel Valley: Bitcoin Creator Not The Only Inventor In Town
X1 raises $2.2 million, giving LA’s enterprise scene another boost
Hotel Metasearch Closes $8M Series B, Led By Balderton, To Expand In Europe, has closed an $8 million Series B funding round, led by Balderton Capital, following what it describes as rapid growth over the past 12 months. More > purchased in 2010 for $1million in Cash and Equity, Receives $8 Million in Funding
SessionM partners with Punchcard to reward users for in-store purchases
Punchcard Partners with SessionM to Reward Consumers For In-Store Purchases, Delivering Deeper Insights Into Consumer Behavior
mPOINTS Integration in Shopping App, Punchcard, Expands the Loyalty Platform's Reach Into Retail More >
How To Fight Click Fraud
Customer Spotlight: Tint
Local SEO Software Provider Rio SEO Integrates with Factual for Local Business Listing Management
Real-time Local Business Updates Garner Multi-location Businesses Local Search Engine Visibility More >
Echofon Twitter App Reintroduces Photo Filters, Gets New Design for Profile
The Echofon app for Twitter has been updated with a new design for profiles and the reintroduction of photo filters on the iPhone. More >
Echofon Twitter App Reintroduces Photo Filters, Gets New Design for Profiles
The Echofon app for Twitter has been updated with a new design for profiles and the reintroduction of photo filters on the iPhone. More >
Social Media, a Trove of Clues and Confessions
Make The Shift From Digital Marketing To Marketing In A Digital World
UberMedia believes social and location data, in particular, gives marketers an incredible snapshot of consumers’ emotional intent. More >
Judge Sends Facebook Friend Request, Gets Disqualified
10 Ways Technology Will Rock Your Dining Experience In 2014
Get discounts with Punchcard More >
An Opportunity for Mobile in the Middle of the Marketing Funnel
UberMedia believes that the mobile industry could find its sweet spot by selling to consumers in the middle of the proverbial marketing funnel. More >
Tint: Harnessing Social Power
NEW! Instantly send images from your computer to phone
How Policy Could Help Drive Innovation
Imagine if regulations actually helped your business? Bill Gross from IdeaLab offers his prescriptions at the Davos economic summit. More >
Many Regulations Stifle Innovations, Panelists Contend
World Economic Forum in Davos More >
The Benghazi ESI Scandal
Legal and Tech Perspective on eDiscovery More >
Former Initiative Exec Michael Hayes Sheds Light On UberMedia’s Mobile Ad Play
3 LA CEOs you need to know now: Gil Elbaz, Factual
Factual provides the location data for companies such as Apple, Yelp, Bing and Samsung, truly making it “the hub of the data ecosystem.” More >
The number crunch: Will Big Data transform your life - or make it a misery?
Crash City Guides acquired, to be rolled into WanderWe
Punchcard Teams Up with Digby’s Localpoint® Platform to Deliver Dynamic and Real-Time Offers for On-the-Go Retail Shoppers
Punchcard’s mobile shopper rewards app goes local, adding Localpoint’s real-time location triggering to increase message timeliness and relevancy. More > To Merge Crash City Guides Into WanderWe Acquires Crash City Guides App as Part of WanderWe’s Growth Strategy
Gathering the Social Story
I’m using Tint to aggregate our social media More >
UberMedia Digital BCS Snapshot Highlights 2014 Marketing Imperative
Data from the Historic 2014 BCS Championship Game Shows How College Football Fans Used Mobile Around the Event More >
Google's mobile search might threatened by Facebook, Twitter
First Friday Feature: MightyText: Web and Gmail Texting App
MightyText links browsers (Chrome, obviously) to Android phones. More >
5 Ways To Market Your Ecommerce Site
Tips for small business owner in the ecommerce sector. More >
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