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Featured News|2015
codeSpark:Teaching Kids Software Coding Without Words
Grant Hosford, the founder of Pasadena-based codeSpark, sits down with SoCalTech. More >
California-based company looking to use sun, rocks to provide renewable energy when needed
Edisun Heliostats is moving closer to bringing its solar battery demonstration project to the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority. More >
Black Friday
Brand Loyalty Trumps Door Busters, Says UberMedia More >
These 13 Google Chrome hacks will change the way you use the internet
A Million Programmers? How About a Billion Problem Solvers!
Initiatives like Hour of Code and major moves by some of the country's largest school districts, coding and computer science are finally starting to enter the mainstream of K-12 education. More >
The 30 most powerful women in mobile advertising
UberMedia CEO, Gladys Kong, named in Top 30 Most Powerful Women in Mobile Ads. More >
Kaleo Software Secures $7 Million to Accelerate Innovation and Growth
Added Funding Enables Enterprise Knowledge-Sharing Technology Provider to Enhance Offerings and Further Invest in Customer Success More >
Expert: What is working, what isn't in local marketing
Michael Hayes, of UberMedia, tells us how to better use geo-targeting. More >
A Series of Firsts:
How X1 Sets the Standard for the New Enterprise Search Market More >
The New Matter MOD-t 3D Printer
The unboxing of the MOD-t More >
Can Scratch & Hour of Code Help Your Kid Learn Programming?
Apple and Facebook Put Lesser-Known Factual on the Map
Location-Data Firm Goes Public on New Facebook and Existing Apple Partnerships More >
Why codeSpark is Convinced Coding for Kids is Not a Fad
Does coding class belong next to reading, history and social studies in school? codeSpark thinks so. More >
Mobile Productivity Now a Reality Thanks to X1 Search Mobile
X1 Search Mobile enables an instantaneous and secure search of millions of documents and years of email from a smartphone. More >
Desktop Virtualization and End-User Computing 2015 winners
Honorable mention: X1, X1 Search Mobile More >
Launching Your Startup on AngelList
What Entrepreneurs Need to Know More >
X1 Changes the Search Game by Enabling Fast and Secure Desktop Search from Mobile Devices
X1’s Mobile Search App Brings Mobility to Enterprise Search More >
Display KPI Dashboards in Your Office with Enplug’s Geckoboard App
Enplug’s Geckoboard app enables you to feature real-time metrics as part of your business’ internal communications strategy. More >
7 Proven Techniques For Fighting Ecommerce Fraud
These are techniques for rejecting those fraudulent orders to save your business from losing out on thousands of dollars in lost products and potential chargebacks. More >
For Cross-Platform, A Mobile-First Strategy Is A Must, UberMedia Contends
Mobile ad platform UberMedia is is predicated on the idea of omnichannel marketing strategies becoming the predominant way that physical businesses reach and engage their consumers. More >
X1 Search
X1 Search review - Editor Rating: Excellent More >
Factual Founder, Gil Elbaz, Talks About Failure and Neutral Data
As an entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist Gil Elbaz shares some thoughts on failure and neutral data. More >
Ecommerce Fraud Part 1: How To Detect Fraudulent Orders
Tips on how to help you detect fraudulent orders. More >
Small Businesses Don’t Think Social Media is Important, Consumers Think Otherwise
Enplug, reveals that 1 in 3 (34%) American small business owners don’t think social media is important to their business. More >
Chrome Extension Update: Sounds, Notification Quick Toggle
New Matter - 3D Printing Ecosystem
A whole new way to make, collect, and connect More >
The Three P’s of Workplace Meditation: An Entrepreneur’s Guide
Workplace meditation has been gaining popularity, especially in the tech and startup world. More >
Ed-tech start-ups envision L.A. as a hub for the growing sector
Interest in ed-tech has grown as technology — and accessibility to it — has improved More >
Factual Featured Partner: Travefy
Travefy is a tool available online and on mobile to help assuage the frustrations of planning trips by providing all of the services you need in one place. More >
Sun Is Shining Bright On L.A. Tech Town Silicon Beach
A rising aspirant is Los Angeles, an area that is packed with tech startups and some publicly traded companies. More >
Facebook Inc. Is Working On A Dedicated GIF Button For Its Messenger
Facebook Inc. has been working on introducing a dedicated button for its Messenger application allowing users to send GIFs more easily More >
Enplug Spotlight:
Adriana, Strategic Partnerships More >
Your Guide To Getting Started In Ecommerce
Selling things online is a lot harder than people tend to think, but if done right, getting started in ecommerce can lead you to huge financial rewards. More >
How Your Kids Can Learn To Code During Summer Vacation
CodeSpark is a little like a digital interactive Sesame Street for computer science. More >
New Matter MOD-t 3D Printer Now Available for Purchase for Just $399
New Matter Begins Shipping The MOD-t And Is Awarded Best In Show For 3D Printing at CE Week In New York
Showcasing The First Production Units of the MOD-t, New Matter Opens Up Orders and Beta Access to its Online 3D Design Store More >
New Matter Starts Shipping Low Cost, Consumer 3D Printer
New Matter says its Mod-t 3D printers are now in production, and have a retail price of $399. More >
Sneak Peek at New Matter’s 3D Printing Store as Printers Begin Shipping
The New Matter Store should prove to be a bustling community. More >
A Quiet, Simple $400 3D Printer.
At NY's CE Week, the New Matter MOD-t, a $399 FFF (fused-filament-fabricator) printer which produces very pleasant prints quietly, and simply, shines. More >
The 7 Most Innovative Startups in Los Angeles
These young companies are producing disruptive ideas and raising millions in funding. More >
IdeaLab's Bill Gross says timing is everything. Do regional VCs agree?
Gross believes timing is the most important factor for startup success. Regional VCs have a very interesting take. More >
Five Pro Tips For Retargeting Ads
Five pro tips for retargeting, which will help significantly increase the ROI on your campaigns More >
Free Startup Vitamins Posters Now Available in the App Market
Enplug is teaming up with Startup Vitamins to bring motivational posters to your office displays, and you can get all 20 exclusive designs—worth $720—for free from the Enplug App Market. More >
Q&A with Idealab Founder Bill Gross
RICK GIBSON, Managing director at HOTventures, sits down with Bill Gross. More >
Factual Featured Partner: TINT
TINT makes it easy for brands to create social hubs in minutes. Factual spoke with Head of Product, Lukas Prassinos at TINT to learn more. More >
Do Your Kids Need to Learn to Code? Yes! But Not for the Reasons You Think
How Our Tech Startup TINT Created a Profitable Business in 3 Months
Tango Analytics and UberMedia Announce Partnership
Intelligent Store Lifecycle Management combines with the most sophisticated mobile data to change the face of customer analytics More >
25 hot Los Angeles startups you need to watch
UCode teaches kids how to code by showing them how to make apps, websites, and games. More >
What Makes A Good Subscription Box Business?
Every successful subscription box business shares the same following things. More >
Factual Featured Partner: Winetaster
Factual sat down with Don Bradford, CTO, and CPO to discuss Winetaster. More >
Bug Du Jour: CDH5 upgrade
Here Are 12 Must-Use Apps for Marketers
Social-media management - TINT More >
President Obama names Julie Hanna Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship
Hanna introduces Kiva powered signature initiative, Global Capital Access; Commits $100 million to crowdfund underserved entrepreneurs worldwide, targeting women and youth More >
Sellbrite’s New Logo and Identity
X1 Named a 2015 Cool Vendor in Endpoint Computing By Gartner, Inc.
Gartner, Inc. has named X1 a “Cool Vendor” in the prestigious Cool Vendors in Endpoint Computing, 2015 report for its X1 Search Virtual Edition solution (*). More >
12 Gadgets We're Looking Forward to in 2015
When it comes to gadgets, 2015 offers so much promise. New Matter MOD-t 3D Printer on the list. More >
This Startup's Mission: A 3-D Printer in Every Home
Steve Schell’s passion project is the birth of the MOD-t, an affordable, easy-to-use 3-D printer he hopes will usher 3-D printing into every home, office and school. More >
Pasadena’s New Matter to offer 3D printers for under $400
Steve Schell is the CEO of New Matter, a Pasadena company he co-founded with Bill Gross, who serves as chairman. The company has created a 3D printer that sells for less than $400. The company is housed at Idealab, Bill Gross’ business incubator. More >
Print out 3D
The startup New Matter is making 3D printers for the masses More >
Death, disaster and drugs: A recap of TED University 2015
What makes a good startup? Bill Gross on the TED stage and he shares the surprising keys to success for startups. More >
The single biggest reason why startups succeed
Bill Gross gave a TED talk earlier this year More >
Ep 161: LA Tech Start Up
Enplug CEO Nanxi Liu More >
3D Printing Redux:
How Idealab's New Matter Wants To Bring 3D To The Masses More >
New Matter’s Slick MOD-t 3D Printer
New Matter has joined the low-cost 3D printer crowd with their inexpensive MOD-t device. More >
How to Outsource Your Digital Signage Installation
Depending on the complexity of your digital signage installation, you may need some outside assistance. More >
Factual CEO: Machine Learning Could Upend Local Search
Gil Elbaz talks about the future of search, what role Yelp may play in it, and why he thinks machine learning will create a game changing product in the next 18 months. More >
4 Bold Ways to Court Business Investors
Coming up with a clever business idea isn't always enough. Sometimes you also have to get creative with securing money to get a venture off the ground. More >
Factual CEO: Machine Learning Could Upend Local Search
Gil Elbaz runs Factual, the L.A.-based startup that provides the local data that underlies some of the biggest names in mobile apps. More >
Making the Connection
Local business leaders discuss Pasadena’s growing pull with sector’s startups and city’s advantages as steady alternative to Silicon Beach. More >
New company aims to bring 3-D printers to home users
New Matter, a company founded by Caltech alum Steve Schell (BS '01), is determined to make affordable, at-home 3-D printing a reality in the present. More >
Leading Consumer 3D Printing Company, New Matter, Raises $6.5M in Series A Funding
Alsop Louie Partners Leads Investment to Launch New Matter's Affordable, End-to-End 3D Printing Ecosystem in 2015 More >
A must see for 5 year olds that want to be programmers.
The Foos
A must-see for 5 year olds that want to be a programmer. More >
10 LA accelerators, incubators and startup studios to jumpstart your company
These accelerators/incubators are looking for the next best thing. More >
Jeff Kerr Creates Amazing 3D Printed Frankenstein Light Switch on Prototype MOD-t 3D Printer
Tasked with testing out the 3rd generation of the MOD-t prototype, Jeff decided to creating a very interesting design; a design for a Frankenstein Light Switch Plate, and it is quite incredible. More >
4 Ecommerce Entrepreneurs I Admire
Top 20 Things I Learned at Davos 2015
Bill Gross shares his insights from the World Economic Forum 2015. More >
Indiegogo startup debuts cheap, eco-friendly 3D printer
Following a successful Indiegogo campaign(with $683,804 raised), New Matter is set to release their 3D printer, the MOD-t, this Spring. More >
How 14 Successful Entrepreneurs Discovered Their Life Purpose
Nanxi Liu - Realizing My Love for Building More >
The 10 Coolest New Tech Products at CES
New Matter’s MOD-t 3D Printer, the most-funded design to date on any crowd-funding site, connects via wifi to an online marketplace where you can shop, download, and print objects in the comfort of your home. More >
The Case for Radical Transparency: Why an Open-Book Culture Helps My Company Succeed
Making your company's information publicly available can help strengthen your team ethos. More >
X1 Registers Record Sales Year with Explosive Growth
X1’s Enterprise Search and eDiscovery Solutions for Virtual and Traditional Environments See Strong Demand and Validation from New and Expanded Customers More >
The Top Ten Tech Entrepreneurs Based in LA – or – How LA Will Change The Country
The Top Ten Tech Entrepreneurs Based in LA – or – How LA Will Change The Country
9 CEOs, founders and executives predict what's next for LA tech in 2015
Gil Elbaz, CEO and founder of Factual More >
#36 Factual More >
#62 Enplug More >
#TechTuesday – 4 Ways to Attract and Retain World-Class Engineers (on a Startup Budget)
You want the top talent but you’re short on funds. How can you attract the best engineers when you’re on a budget? More >
5 Lessons From the Best Brands on Social Media in 2015
Here are the 5 best brands on social media for 2015, and something you can learn from each of them! More >
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